Rainbow Six Invitational 2020 prize pool will be a staggering $3,000,000

$3 million dollar

Rainbow Six Siege Invitational tournament 2020 prize pool will be around $3 million. This is a huge step up from the previous year.

Last year the prize pool of this tournament was topped at $1 million dollars. This year they really surprised everyone by tripling the prize money. It looks like Rainbow Six is also hyping up their tournament by increasing the prize pool by quite a margin. This annual tournament that is hosted by Ubisoft puts all the best Rainbow Six Siege players against each other.

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Caster parker Mackey on Twitter

Renowned caster Parker Mackay confirmed with a tweet that this year tournament will have the biggest prize pool in Rainbow Six Siege’s history. From February 14-16 this you can tune into Twitch to see this tournament live and cheer for your favorite teams.

Last year Si broke almost 320000 concurrent player records. It is not that surprising that Ubisoft kind of made the prize pool more appealing. It looks like every year all the major Esports title are increasing their prize pool to match the ever-exciting competition between the best of the best.

Parker on why the prize pool increased

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This is a clear indication that Esports are becoming big every year. Every year now you can see that big investors are investing heavily in Esports. Many consider that Esports will only get bigger as time goes by. The day of esports being looked down upon by mainstream media is kind of over. Esports has become quite a profitable venture for big investors.

Even recently, famous french footballer, Antoine Griezmann launches his own esports organization. The new org is also looking for a Rainbow Six Siege roster. The future of Esports is looking really promising from here.

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