Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass System starts on January 27

Rainbow Six Extraction’s much anticipated Buddy Pass system to be finally made available from January 27.

Ubisoft’s newly released tactical coop shooter Rainbow Six Extraction has received some mixed reviews; however, many players were positively surprised with the fun gameplay and the grind the game offers.

Ubisoft announced a Buddy Pass system for the game that would allow players to invite two of their friends from any platform to play for free for two weeks. However, to ensure a smooth release, Ubisoft decided to hold off the Buddy Pass system, leaving fans disappointed.

Ubisoft has now announced that Rainbow Six Extraction’s Buddy Pass will be introduced on January 27, a week after the release, at 3 PM UTC.

Once your friend has accepted your invite, they will have 14 days to access the game while in a squad with you!

In order to access their trial of the game, your friend will need to have the Trial Version of Rainbow Six Extraction downloaded and activated on their chosen platform. As of now, the trial version has not been made available on any platform.

Without a Buddy Pass token, your friends will be able to play the game for a limited time with the Trial Version. This will still be accessible even after accepting a token, and the Trial Version timer will be paused whenever playing as part of the Buddy Pass.

Players of the Trial Version will have access to the full game, with the exception of post-launch content, Maelstrom Protocol Mode, and the in-game store. To access these, your friends will need to upgrade to the full version of the game.

If your friend decides to purchase Rainbow Six Extraction following their trial, any progression will be saved and carried over to the full game, including Trophies and Achievements!

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