R6S European League is returning with Stage 2 on September 21st

The European Six August 2020 Major recently came to an end with BDS Esport taking the victory with a massive comeback in the Finals against G2 Esports. All the teams and staff are now taking a much-deserved break and refilling their energy for the upcoming competitions.

Ubisoft has now announced that the Stage 2 of the European League will be returning on September 21st, 2020. The ten EU teams will be back to compete intensely and look to score points in the SI Global Standings. As the Six Invitational 2021 is getting closer, the EU teams will try their best to secure their spot in the Grand Stage and bring the World Championship trophy back to this region.


Playday 1 – Monday, September 21st

European League stage 2
Image: Ubisoft

Playday 2 – Wednesday, September 23rd

European League stage 2 pd 2
Image: Ubisoft


Ace and Melusi have finished their three-month grace period and will now be added to the European League Operator pool. It’ll be very exciting to see how these new operators fare out in the Pro League.


Here is the prize pool breakdown for the European League Stage 2 as well as the European Regional Finals:

European League Stage 2 – €50,000 total prize pool

1st place€15, 000
2nd place€10, 000
3rd place€7, 500
4th place€6, 000
5th place€4, 000
6th place€3, 000
7th place€2, 500
8th place€2, 000

European Regional Finals – €100,000 total prize pool

1st place€50, 000
2nd place€25, 000
3rd place€15, 000
4th place


European League stage 2 map pool

You can catch all the actions from the European League live on Twitch and YouTube. Stage 2 of the other regions will also kick off soon, so keep following us for the latest updates.

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