R6S Esports roadmap update: SI 2021 offline in EU; Regional Finals and World Cup delayed

Ubisoft just announced a number of tournament updates for Rainbow Six Siege esports events over the next year. These updates include the upcoming Regional Finals, Six Invitational 2021, and the R6 World Cup all outlined.


The Six Invitational, the biggest Rainbow Six Siege event for all the teams around the world. It’s a festival for all the Siege fans, as they come together to celebrate all things about Rainbow Six Siege. But with the global pandemic, the whole Siege community was worried if the event will be taking place normally like the previous years.

Ubisoft confirmed in their blog post that the “fifth edition of the Six Invitational will happen in late February 2021”. We all were eagerly waiting for an International tournament, a clash between the giants from the different regions to truly determine which team and region is the best this season.

The Six Invitational 2021 will gather 20 teams across the 4 main regions of the Rainbow Six Esports circuit, competing offline, but his time in Europe rather than Monreal. However, there won’t be any in-person audience due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But strict sanitary safety measures will be followed for all the players and staff.
Registration for SI open qualifiers begins on December 2nd.

6 World Cup

The 6 World Cup was supposed to take place in “Summer 2021”, but Ubisoft has now decided to delay it until 2022. “We took the difficult decision to postpone the Rainbow Six World Cup to 2022. This will allow us to work on the best version of the World Cup we all want to see, with an audience cheering and chanting for their team at a physical event.”


European League Finals: They will now happen from January 15th to 17th 2021 and will see the four best teams – based on the final rankings of the European League – squaring off in a 100% online tournament to become the very first European League Champions. More information will be shared by the region later on.

Asia-Pacific Finals: The Asia-Pacific Finals will be split into 3 fully online Finals (North Division, Oceania, and South Asia) from January 8th to 10th. More information will be shared by the region soon.

North-American League Finals: The Canada Division Finals and relegation match will be held online from December 11th to 13th 2020. More details will be shared by the region in the coming weeks for this event as well as updates regarding US Division Finals

Latin-American League Finals: The Brazil Division Grand Final will be held as a LAN event following strict sanitary safety measures on November 29th. Following the semi-finals that happened this past weekend, Mexico and LATAM South Divisions promotion/relegation matches and Grand Finals will be held online from November 23rd to November 28th.

These finals, however, won’t have any impact on SI Global Points standings. And it is still unclear when EU relegations will be taking place, while the US Division’s relegations is in a weird state with eUnited and Tempo Storm leaving the scene.


No clear words has been provided for the 2021 Six Majors as of yet. Ubisoft is “exploring all options” and will share more info in 2021.

Although some fans will be disappointed by these news, it’s still a good step taken by Ubisoft to ensure the wellbeing of its esports fanbase. We can still enjoy the top-flight of Siege esports from the safety of our home and see who becomes the world champions this time.

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