Quantum Error initially announced as PS5 exclusive, coming to Xbox Series X

The space horror Quantum Error announced as one of the first exclusives for the PlayStation 5. Now coming to next-gen Xbox as well.

TeamKill Media’s cosmic horror first person shooter Quantum Error will now also be coming to Xbox Series X as per a new trailer shown by the creators. Previously, meant to be a PS5 only title, gamers from both sides will be able to enjoy this twisted space journey.

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The game looks like it has taken some inspiration from Doom and Dead Space, especially the setting. You play as a firefighter, Captain Jacob Thomas on his way to the burning Monad Quantum Research Facility, for a rescue mission. Hence, like the earlier mentioned games, players soon find out that something hellish is going down in the station.

Furthermore, the gameplay is also heavily influenced by Half-life with its mix of action, horror, and puzzle-solving.

Even though devs have hinted a release on PS4 as well in the past, there is no confirmation of an Xbox One release. But, we can be sure that the Quantum Error will be coming to Xbox Series S as well as Xbox Series X.

TeamKill Media’s previous horror title, Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris was a similar horror game in a medieval fantasy setting. But the game received poorly due to bugs and glitches. We expect TeamKill to redeem themselves with this alluring new title. Quantum Error is now one of the first next-gen horror games. Hence, we expect the team to showcase the power of both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X with it.

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