Pyth steps down from G2 Esports’ active VALORANT roster

Swedish VALORANT professional Jacob “pyth” Mourujärvi has stepped down from G2’s newly formed roster. 

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A few weeks ago, G2 Esports reconstructed their VALORANT roster with an ambition to dominate the European VALORANT scene once again. Carlos’ reinvented roster had their first loss against Team Finest in LVP Rising Series #2. Sarcastically, Carlos shared the situation on Tweet, saying “imagine spending quadrillion dollars on improving your VALORANT team to then lose against Roberto McDrifter and his goon squad couldnt be me”.

According to pyth’s Tweet, he initially thought about benching himself approximately 2 weeks ago. The timeline here indicates that immediately after the loss against Team Finest, pyth started considering this alternate option. With pyth’s departure, mixwell remains as the only core member from G2’s original VALORANT roster.

Stage 3 Challengers is about to start within weeks. Europe now houses heavyweight teams like Ascend, Fnatic, Liquid, etc. Last year, G2 managed to build a strong reputation for themselves in the European VALORANT scene. However, during First Strike Europe, Team Heretics stopped the seemingly unstoppable G2 Esports right on its track. Since then, the roster couldn’t produce any remarkable results.

G2’s core roster had mixwell, pyth, davidp, PaTiTek & ardiis. Carlos formed the new roster by adding koldamenta, nukkye & AvovA from Ascend & Team Heretics. The upcoming Challenger series will prove the strength of this roster.

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Nonetheless, pyth didn’t clarify about his next move in the Tweet. Although he mentioned this move as just the beginning of his VALORANT career. It’s obvious that a talent like pyth won’t be sitting around anywhere for too long.

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