Puma now sells gaming socks in their stores

Gaming socks !!!

After Nike and Adidas, Puma is also exploring the gaming industry. They are getting in on the action with gaming “socks” or what they are calling it the “active gaming footwear”.

Puma is claiming that gamers performance will improve in different gaming modes with these socks as it will provide breathable comfort, flexibility, indoor grip, duel density foam for underfoot feel, 3D molded insole for optimal fit and sticky grip to lock it in.

Gaming socks may seem a bit weird at first but it shows how sports brands are trying to make a name in the world of gaming. The socks are currently available in Australia and UK only with a price of around $105.

This type of sock will enhance your gaming experience says Puma. Yes we have come to a point where we have gaming socks. This sounds extremely gimicky. Why do you need a gaming sock is a musytery at this point. Puma definately made the wierdest gaming “Peripheral” in 2019 that is for sure.


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