PUBG’s concurrent player base on PC down 83% since its peak

Not the King of BR anymore

The PUBG PC version was at one point the most popular game on Steam. A lot of performance issues paired with competition has dwindled its player base down to 83%.

PUBG PC kind of bursts into the PC gaming scene introducing the battle royale concept. Contrary to popular belief PUBG wasn’t the first to introduce the battle royale genre. H1Z1 already had a mode called King of The Hill.

PUBG’s creator thought the game mode was promising due to the gameplay being so chaotic and casual at the same time. Since PUBG launched on Steam it became the most popular game on steam back in March 2017.

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PUBG during its peak

Too famous too fast

PUBG became a cultural phenemeon within such a short time. Every PC gamer on planet earth, Streamers, and content creators were jumping into the game left and right. The game finally peaked at 3.2 million players back in early 2018.

PUBG’s creators were not ready for this much success as they didn’t allocate all the necessary resources to the game in time. Then other competitors from Big-name publishers came and took their market share.

PUBG nowadays

Bluehole just couldn’t keep up with all the demands of the players. The player base has been in a slow decline ever since. Currently, the concurrent player base on PC is down 83% since its peak.

Even though there is still quite a large active player base, it couldn’t keep up the huge player number like before. Even after releasing new maps and updates players seems to be moving towards other competitors.

The PUBG PC version may not be doing that well since 2018 but PUBG mobile is the main moneymaker at the moment. Reportedly It was the world’s highest-grossing mobile game raking in more than $146 million in a month.

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