PUBG will Finally Enable Crossplay on Consoles with the new Update

Crossplay confirmed only on Console


PUBG just announced that they will finally enable PS4 and Xbox players to be in the same lobby. With the new 6.2 updates, players will be able to play against their friends form another console.

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PUBG became a cultural phenomenon back in 2017. Even though PUBG wasn’t the first game ever to come up with the concept of a battle royale game, it certainly made it into a household name. After seeing the success of PUBG, many copycats emerged but only a few actually made it.

PUBG launched in both PS4 and Xbox back in 2018. At the time of release, the ports were filled with performance issues and bugs. Right now those versions are a bit more stable with more content and bug fixes every week or so.

With the release of the new map Karakin, PUBG finally will enable much asked for feature Crossplay. This new update will also contain new Team Deathmatch, a newly improved SBMM system. That they assured will surely change based upon feedback.

They also addressed issues with throwables and changes it needs. PUBG PC may share the same cross-play features like its console counterpart in the future. There is no concrete assurance form PUBG yet about this topic.

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