Psyonix Makes Changes to Rocket League Win XP Bonus After Community Feedback

Psyonix has made some much needed changes to the Rocket League win XP bonus after getting community feedback.

Rocket League is a soccer game where instead of players you use cars to play. It is a highly skillful and competitive game. Epic Games acquired Psyonix a few months back. After that Psyonix announced that Rocket League is going free to play.

Rocket League went free to play on September 23 and also moved to the Epic Games Store. Since going free to play there are a lot more players enjoying the game right now. They also added cross-platform progression so that players who previously bought the game through Steam could still play it there.

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Changes to Daily Win XP

Recently Psyonix made a Reddit post on r/RocketLeague and explained the XP changes. In the post they said,

“Hi everyone, after reading through your posts and replies over the last few days, we’re making two changes to the Daily Win XP Bonus, starting today:

  1. We’re increasing the number of Daily Wins from 1 to 3
  2. We’re increasing the Daily Win XP Bonus from 1000 to 2000

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us on here, and we hope you all enjoy the 2XP/Llama-Rama events this weekend.”

After going free to play Psyonix made some changes to the match XP and daily win bonus XP but the community did not appreciate it very much. They reduced the amount of XP you can get from matches and daily wins by almost half.

Environmental String goes in depth on what this XP changes mean in his reddit post.

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