Psychonauts 2: How to Find Figments

Psychonauts 2 is an adventure game that lets you explore and collect alot of different items.

Raz can acquire collectables and constructs from the minds in Psychonauts 2. During his mental adventures, he can scourge collectables such as figments, but the question is, where can he obtain these items? The world in Psychonauts 2 contains many figments of imagination, recognizable through their two-dimensional cartoonish manifestation. You can check out our guide below to get an idea how to find Figments in Psychonauts 2.

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How to find Figments in Psychonauts 2 Guide:

You may wonder if it is essential to spend your time looking for these rare thought collectables. You can upgrade Raz and get a skill point when you have collected 100 of these collectables, so do collect them whenever possible.

You can check the number of available figments in a particular level by looking at the top right area of your game display when you collect a figment. You can also look at Raz’s journal for his collectable progress. Every single level has its particular figments; so, you can search for them throughout the gameplay. It will allow you to upgrade Raz’s Intern Rank and extra points for upgrades. Remember, you have to be the best intern in the game to do some cases.

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