PS5’s Rumored State of Play in August: will reveal 1st and 3rd party games

Sony still has some tricks left in its sleeve, it seems.

The race for next-gen supremacy isn’t stopping anytime soon, with all the new announcements and teasers going on. In fact, it seems Sony has another live event in store for us, ready to blow us away with more PS5 games.

After Microsoft’s move with its recent announcement of the Xbox Series X showcase on July 23rd, information has surfaced that Sony will be holding a State of Play for unannounced PS5 games.

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Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips posted on twitter about the Xbox Series X showcase. Furthermore, he linked a past post of his in the post. The post talks about a PlayStation State of Play to be held in August, which he did as a reminder to all.

Looking forward to Xbox! And a reminder PlayStation plans to fire back in a State of Play soon after…

-tom phillips

Additionally, he replied to a followup tweet of another user saying, “Sony has 1st and 3rd party stuff still to announce. Feels like it has quite smartly held some stuff back”.

Nothing surprising as it is well known by everyone that more 1st and 3rd party games are left unannounced. The games that are yet unrevealed, are still only on guesses and rumors, as no official announcements and teasers are released.

Yet, the talk of the town is, that Sony will be announcing a Silent Hill for the PS5.

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