PS5’s latest console update adds External Storage Support

The first big update after release includes USB extended storage, gameplay sharing between PS5 and PS4, and more.

After months of waiting on a much-beloved feature, PlayStation 5 owners will now finally be able to expand their storage with USB-connected external hard drives or SSDs. This feature has been included in PlayStation 5’s biggest console update since its release. The announcement was made by Sony in their official PlayStation blogpost.

However, just like the XBOX Series X and S, games stored on PS5’s external storage will not be playable until it is copied to the console’s internal SSD. Moreover, Sony has mentioned that new downloads will still require internal storage space. Meaning, games cannot be directly downloaded on external storage like PS4.

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With that being said, Sony assures its players that copying games from external storage to internal storage will still be faster than redownloading them entirely. Moreover, games copied back to internal SSD will be updated automatically when updates are available.

Enhanced Personalization and Control options, Social Features, and more…

The console update will also add a feature called Cross-Generation Share Play. This social feature will allow PS4 and PS5 players to Share Play and communicate with each other. PS5 players can now let their friends on PS4 try out new-gen games through Share Play.

The process of sending Game Invites to friends has also been shortened through the addition of the Request to Join option. This feature will act as a shortcut to sending invites, improving players’ gaming experience with friends.

The Game Base menu has also been enhanced to provide quicker access to essential features. This will reduce players’ time taken to switch between Parties and Friends. Moreover, players will now also be able to disable in-game chat to cut off voice chat audio.

Other features include a Pre-download of game updates which will automatically download updates along with the game. This will allow players to start their games without any interruption for updates if it is supported by the Game Developer. This feature has to be turned on manually by selecting “Automatic Updates”. Furthermore, players will now also be able to magnify their screen using Screen Zoom.

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