PS5 vs Xbox series X full specs comparison

The console war just began

Sony finally revealed some essential news about the upcoming PS5 thus declaring the beginning of the console war for the new generation.

It came as a no big surprise to anyone that the specs are not that different from each other. Having said that Xbox in the new generation still takes a slight edge if pure numbers are to be believed as an indication of actual performance.

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PS5 vs Xbox series X
Courtesy Reddit user: onlypingal

Microsoft has decided to give the Xbox a head start when it comes to performance. Although competition between the Xbox One and PS4 was solid in the current console generation, it is still safe to say that Sony had a more compelling product if the number of units sold is any indication of success.

One of the main reasons behind Sony’s last-gen success was due to its overwhelming amount of critically acclaimed library of exclusive games. On the other hand, Xbox’s misstep into thinking that TVs will still be a thing in the future really hurt their case among hardcore gamers.

AMD for the win

AMD seems to be having a really good time with their silicons lately as both of these consoles will feature their upcoming CPU and GPU combo based on their RDNA 2 architecture. Taking a closer look at the specs, it is really easy to see that they are not that different than each other.

Taking only teraflops or other specifications for real-life performance is not always a very good idea. Developers always have and will be the star of the show. How they use those new-gen features to give gamers a better experience will matter the most into the future.

The future looks really bright for both of these consoles. With the biggest gerneation leap in terms of performance ever, it is safe to assume that the next-gen titles will be an experience to behold.

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