PS5 Holds 49% Of All Resident Evil Village Copies Sold

 Capcom’s Resident Evil Village has a brilliant sale record on the PS5 this week.

Resident Evil Village on the next-gen of consoles looks mesmerizing, and that is no surprise. This generation of gamers are invested more in visuals, frame rates, and the stats prove it. In the UK, 49% of sales of Resident Evil Village were on the PS5. This news was confirmed on Twitter by Christopher Dring.

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This week’s sale charts are up, and the charts have suggested something interesting. The UK has more Xbox players than PS5 players, which is not surprising to see. Out of the rest 51% of Resident Evil Village copies sold, 20% were on the Xbox consoles, and 31% on the PS4.

In all honesty, it’s not surprising thanks to Sony’s features on the PS5. It gives the best experience no matter which game you choose to play. The haptic feedback on the dual sense controller gives you a whole new way of enjoying horror games. Resident Evil Village also recently reached 100,000 active players on Steam. To conclude all Resident EVil Village sales have dominated the market no matter if it was sold on PS5 or PC or Xbox.

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Resident Evil Village is available on both the old and next-gen. Although, if you want the best experience choosing the next-gen would be the better choice. The game cost 59.99$ on the old gen and 69.99$ on the next-gen. If you are looking for a horror game which mysteries to resolve, this is your go-to this year.

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