PS5 exclusives release dates revealed at CES 2021

PS5 exclusives and more were revealed at CES 2021.

Sony is planning to take the console market by surprise with new upcoming games for the next-gen console. Usually, exclusives take time to come out, especially after the launch of a new console. However, Sony has again surprised everyone with the new upcoming PS5 exclusives for the new era. All of this was revealed at CES 2021, and everyone is happy to see what is coming.

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PS5 sale numbers have left a shortage in the market after the massive demand for the Next-Gen console. PS exclusives have always been the main attraction for gamers to buy Playstation consoles, and these release dates have added to the hype

These are the following leaked release dates for some PS5 exclusives:

  • Pragmata: 2023 (Previously 2022)
  • Ghostwire Tokyo: October 2021
  • Project Athia: January 2022
  • Solar Ash: June 2021
  • Kena: March 2021
  • Stray: October 2021
  • Little Devil Inside: July 2021
  • Project Athia coming January 2022

Apart from these, Ratchet and Clank and Horizon Wild West were already confirmed to come out in 2021. Furthermore, Hitman 3 is coming out on January 20 and Returnal on March 19 as well. In conclusion, PlayStation has many games coming out this year, and we as fans could not be happier.

PS5 had the most successful console launch of this century, there was a scarcity of the console in almost every country. The new year has started with a bang but will Microsoft surprise us all with its own exclusives in root to the next-gen consoles?

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