PS5 Exclusive Returnal gets an Action-packed Launch Trailer

The new explosive launch Trailer of Returnal is definitely worth checking out.

We are two days away from the PS5 exclusive releasing, and Housemarque has given us a new Launch trailer. The trailer gave us a small teaser of what gamers can expect to see in the roguelike shooter. Furthermore, there was plenty to take from the trailer, and we have broken it down for you below.

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Selene says, ” Time is like a tide,” while she fights her way through the alien planet. “It pulls us and shapes us, uncovers our secrets hidden deep below the surface. With each rush upon us, it leaves a fresh scar behind. No matter how hard we fight, we can never stop it.”

Returnal’s Launch trailer gave us a glimpse of the roguelike shooter. The action-packed, intense trailer included boss fights, a glimpse of weapons, and a hint of what we will experience soon. Housemarque did mention the players will be stuck in an infinite loop. The trailer confirmed this and also showed us that players will be able to see a body where they died last.

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Returnal is just two days away from its global release, and we, fans, are more than just excited for 30th April. The roguelike time loop game is another potential hit that will take advantage of all the exclusive features of the PS5 controller and PS5. The game runs at 4k at 60FPS with Ray Tracing enabled. You can now download PS5 exclusive, if you have pre-ordered it and jump in to play the game finally on 30th April.

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