PS Store Accidentally leaked Fortnite Season 3 Teaser

Epic Games’ plans for Fortnite chapter 2 season 3 has been leaked by the Playstation Store.

Epic Games announced a few days ago that season 3 is going to be delayed until 11th June. And the Device event is going to happen on 6th June. With the delay of these players have one more week of waiting.

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But the new buzz about Fortnite has surfaced as Playstation store leaked a teaser. Playstation store updated its icon for Fortnite by accident and it did not take players long to catch onto the leak. Playstation store was quick to change back the icon but players already caught on to it.

Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite leaker FortTory tweeted about the Fortnite season 3 leaked teaser.

Stranded Jonesy Battle Pass Skin?

With this leak, Fortnite players are discussing whether the whole map is going to be underwater. Many leakers leaked about the new season 3 and said that it is going to be water-themed. Fortnite players have a growing concern about the whole map being underwater because they are not too fond of water.

In a video released in season 9 for Block Party, we can see a similar island to the one in the teaser.

In the video, we see a Jonesy stranded on a small island with a flare gun. Then he shoots the flare gun and crashes the battle bus flying on top.

This island could be the same one as in the teaser. So that means epic games teased chapter 2 season 3 to us way back in 2019 and we had no idea.

This brings up the question is Stranded Jonesy going to be a new Battle Pass skin. I guess we will learn about that when the new season drops on 11th June as there are no leaks about this right now.

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