Project Slayers: Best Ways To Get Money Fast

Money or Wen is one of the essential parts of Project Slayers, as you can buy various items with it to make your gaming experience go higher and higher. We will talk about all the quick ways to get money fast in this game!

Project Slayers is a game inspired by the manga series Demon Slayers. You can explore villages, mountains, and towns as well! Furthermore, this game is jam-packed with action and thrills. Players will be required to complete chores and assist humans. You will play your character in the game, fight enemies, and win.

In the game, players need resources to survive and continue their gameplay. To do so, there is another currency item: Wen or Money. There are some quick ways to get money in Project Slayers. Players can purchase gears and weapons to defeat their enemies with money.

And also, money can be used for other works like traveling the world of Project Slayers and buying other resources to survive and win in the game.

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Best Ways To Get Money Fast

You can follow some tips and tricks to get money fast in Project Slayer.

You may follow the steps below:

Do Some Work

You can complete various tasks given by NPCs in the game and complete quests to earn money after you complete them. Such as, you can carry rice for Sarah, an NPC, and also find lost diamonds, deliver carts and other goods, etc to earn money faster.


You can also try this method to earn money in the game. For example, you can get 1000 Wen, a considerable amount of money after fishing for some minutes!

To do Fishing, you must purchase a Fishing Rod.


You can do these same tasks over and over again to earn more and more money.

Kill Your Enemies

In Project Slayer, you will encounter many enemies. Players need to defeat and kill them to win. After winning, you will automatically gain some money.

Money Pass

Money Pass, which is also known as 2x Wen pass. This is one kind of ticket. You can use this to double up your money. This pass can be purchased at Shops.

These are the easiest ways to gain money faster in Project Slayer. Best of Luck!!!

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