Project Slayers: How To Become A Demon

Being a Demon can be thrilling, and you will feel the energy in every step in Project Slayers. We will tell you the systematic ways to become a Demon in the game. Stay tuned!

The famous Manga Series Demon Slayers inspire Project Slayer. Players can explore, fight, join clans, and much more in the game! You can also become Demon here, and by acquiring Demon Soul, you will have immense power and strength.

In the game, you can choose to be Humans, Demons, Slayers, and Hybrids. Of course, you can be any of them. But out of these four, Demons can be more useful to become more powerful.

After you become a Demon, you will be inevitable. Fighting with the enemies will be a lot easier. But to become one, players need to do a few tasks first. Becoming a Demon is not as easy as it seems. But you have to put effort into this task.

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How To Become A Demon

You can become a Demon by following the steps below:

Level Up

You can only start your quest to become a Demon after you reach Level 15. However, you can quickly get there by playing and defeating enemies of old levels repeatedly.

Walk In The Night

Search for Muzan, and he will show you how to become a Demon. But you can only find him at Night. So talk to him and start the Muzan’s Quest. He will ask you to bring Blue Lily Flowers and Doc Higoshima.

demon project slayers

Blue Lily Flowers

You will need 5 of these flowers. Players can find these in Kabiwaru Village and Butterfly Mansion.

demon project slayers

Doctor Higoshima

Carry him from the shed behind the house of Bandit Zoku. And bring the Doc to Muzan finally.

demon project slayers

The Final Move

Take the 5 Blue Spider Lily Flowers and Doctor Higoshima to Muzan. Muzan will draw his blood; after you drink it, you will become a powerful Demon.

demon project slayers

Use the Demon power and Demon Art Spins wisely in Project Slayers. Best of Luck!!

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