Prince of Persia remake seemingly leaked

A remake title for the Prince of Persia franchise is leaked as seen in a retail listing

A Guatemalan retailer has leaked screenshots for a new Prince of Persia title and apparently, it will be a remake. Furthermore, the ss also notes that the game will be releasing this year for the PS4 and Switch. We expect it to come out for Xbox as well as PC.

A lot of games are being leaked here and there and some of the rumored ones are also becoming official with time. So fans are hopeful about this one. Additionally, Ubisoft ensured that a second Ubisoft Forward event is going to be held in September. Just 12 days from now. With all their big franchises already shown in the past, we can expect to see new IPs or per the leak, a new POP.

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For the past decade, the iconic action-adventure series had almost vanished. Until recently, our beloved Prince made an appearance in For Honor. In addition, footage of an old canceled Prince Persia game surfaced. Consequentially, this gave rise to speculation that a new title might just be under development. According to the well-timed leak, we might just get to experience new adventures with the Prince of Persia remake.

Even though we should take leaks with a grain of salt, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier’s nod gives some confidence to us all. Especially for the fact that he has a record of making some accurate predictions.

Can’t wait to parkour through deadly traps and puzzles.

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