Prince of Persia could be getting a LEGO treatment

A visual concept has been posted on the LEGO Ideas section on LEGO’s official website. It will need enough votes from fans to be turned into a reality.

In order for the concept to be officially picked up by LEGO for production, the project will need to garner over ten thousand fan votes within the next 423 days. However, the likelihood of meeting that goal is not guaranteed.

The modular set is a mock-up version of the 1989 Prince of Persia game. The set will include grey walls, columns, ladders, and traps. Moreover, the set will also include decorative pieces like doors, windows and torches to be added to the black backdrop, as well as the health bar.

The idea is to give owners the creative freedom to build a dungeon of their liking. If turned into a reality, we will be able to bring the famous 2D-scroller to life – in LEGO form.

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If you are a LEGO enthusiast but weren’t born in the era of the release of the first-ever Prince of Persia game, or simply are a Prince of Persia fanatic wanting to relive those moments of your childhood, have a look at what the game looked like:

Here are some of the concept photos of the Prince of Persia modular set:

Although the project has been successful in getting the first 100 votes as of this writing, it will still need to get 9,900 more to be even considered by the LEGO panel. Even then, they might still not be on board with the idea due to the complexities of some of the features or the lack of demand.

Prince of Persia garnered its highest level of fame in its 2003’s release of The Sands of Time. Its 2010 debut of The Forgotten Sands was subject to some criticism in comparison. Although the players’ excitement towards the revival of the franchise completely tanked when the trailer for the remake of The Sands of Time dropped in 2020. This could downplay into a lack of demand for the LEGO set, even if it is greenlit. Therefore only time will tell what becomes of this concept.

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