Pressure from VALORANT is creeping in as Valve teased 128 tick servers for CSGO

Finally, 128 tick servers for CSGO

Since its release back on August 21, 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had 64 tick servers.

While this was adequate at the time. Nowadays players were complaining about hit registration issues, latency, micro stuttering, pickers advantage, etc. All this was plaguing the counter-strike scene for some time.

As soon as Riot Games announced VALORANT with 128 tick servers from day one, Valve also decided to tease us with their own 128 tick servers for CSGO. Before that Valve also teased that Source 2 is coming for Counter-strike really soon. Even though Valve openly talked about Source 2 back in 2017, they never actually announced any concrete date regarding when it will be adopted for their tactical shooter.

VALORANT pushed Valve to implement 128 tick servers?

After seeing VALORANT topping the Twitch charts, Valve finally decided to give Counter-Strike more attention that it rightfully deserves. Both 128 tick servers and Source 2 are rumored to be coming in the next couple of months. Many big-name streamers like Shroud and Summit1g called out valve on how they didn’t fix some of the core issues that were plaguing the game for some time now.

Right after Riot Games launched the closed beta for VALORANT, suddenly counter-strike is seeing a surplus of love from Valve. At the end of the day, this type of competition is always better for consumers. In this case, tactical shooter aficionados are the ones that are gonna benefit from their rivalry.

CSGO is currently one of the most played games on Steam. Every month CSGO is breaking new world record when it comes to concurrent players. Looks like Valve isn’t gonna give away their big lead without a fight. They are finally fixing some core issues with better engines and other server-side inconsistencies with 128 tick servers.

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