Popular Twitch Streamer Sodapoppin has been banned

Popular Twitch Streamer Sodapoppin has been banned and it may have been the result of his VRChat stream.

Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris is a popular American Twitch streamer and partner. He has one of the largest following on Twitch with over 2.7 million+ followers and over 300 million+ views.

Chance started his career back in 2012 and has grown to be one of the biggest channels on Twitch. He also has a very successful YouTube channel where he uploads videos from his stream.

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Sodapoppin Banned

Just a few hours ago his Twitch channel was banned but the exact reason is still unknown. Twitch also banned streamer Roflgator too. So the reason for their ban might be related.

Twitter account StreamerBans, an automated Twitter bot that tweets out partnered Twitch streamer bans, tweeted out Sodapoppin’s ban 20 minutes before it even happened.

Possible Reason for Ban

Twitch banned both Sodapoppin and Roflgator almost at the same time so fans are speculating the reason might be their joint VRChat stream on July 17th.

Apparently, during the Livestream, multiple VRChat characters were in revealing clothes. Twitch’s policy against explicit content in-game might be the reason for their bans.

None of them have made a public statement about their ban as of right now. Only Sodapoppin tweeted this

Recently he uploaded an apology video on his Twitter page.

Twitch has also not disclosed the reason why streamer Sodapoppin was banned. But as it is Sodapoppin’s first ban the duration should not be more than 24 hours.

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