Popular Fortnite YouTuber Mccreamy’s YouTube Channel with 8 Million Subscribers got Hacked

Mccreamy’s Fortnite YouTube Channel with 8 Million+ subscribers recently got hacker.

Jay or more commonly known online as Mccreamy is a popular YouTuber, Comedian, and Social Media personality hailing from New Zealand. Mcreamy rose to fame by posting gameplay videos of Fortnite and Overwatch.

Mccreamy’s YouTube videos regularly feature other popular YouTubers like Fitz, danielharrison, SwaggerSouls, grizzy, Kryoz. Mccreamy’s YouTube videos usually have him playing different games with his friends and doing shenannigans. He started his YouTube journey in 2016 and has since grown massive in the last couple of years.

Recently, something unexpected and unfortunate happened to Mccreamy. His main YouTube channel with more than 8 Million+ subscribers was hacked.

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Mccreamy’s YouTube Hacked:

About 3 hours ago, Mccreamy posted on Twitter asking for help in recovering his YouTube channel from hackers. He wrote,

“my youtube got hacked can someone please help ASAP”

The hackers got a hold of Mccreamy’s YouTube channel and are broadcasting multiple Elon Musks Bitcoin Conference Livestreams. They changed the name of his YouTube channel to “Tesla Live” and either deleted or privated all of Mccreamy’s old videos which had millions of views.

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