Popular Apex Legends Streamer “aceu” reveals exactly how many times he has been reported for cheating

Former professional Apex Legends player for NRG revealed precisely how many times he has been reported as a cheater for hitting impossible shots.

Brandon Winn, more commonly known by his online moniker “aceu” is well known within the Apex Legends community as a content creator. During his time as a professional player for NRG’s competitive Apex Legends team, he shined as a mechanically gifted player.

Stylish 360-degree trick shots with various weapons combined with his fluid movement in Apex Legends gave him a dedicated fanbase, to whom he streams the game on a regular basis.

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Over the years, “aceu” has become a human highlight machine capturing the top spot in Twitch’s Apex Legends category, further cementing himself as the go-to guy to witness some genuinely awe-inspiring highlight reels.

Apex ACEU Cheating
Image Credit: Respawn

Unsurprisingly, due to his inhuman mechanical prowess and game sense in Apex Legends, he has been reported for allegedly cheating by many in Apex Legends. In a recent live stream on Twitch, he revealed exactly how many times people have reported him for sus activities in the game.

Aceu reveals how many times he has been reported

According to “aceu”, he has been reported 721 times in the game for hitting nutty shots. This may not come as a surprise that professional content creators are usually really good at their craft. Consequently, they also get suspected of cheating in the game since cheating is a massive pain point in Apex Legends.

Video Credit: twitch.tv/aceu

In the end, “aceu” found it really amusing that he has been reported for potentially using illegal software more than 700 times. In the FPS community, getting notoriety for hitting next to impossible shots will inevitably end up in someone claiming you are cheating. It’s just par for the course of being a mechanically gifted content creator in this day and age.

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