Pokimane is Tired of People Minimizing Her Harassment Online Surrounding the Jidion Debacle

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Pokimane Twitter

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is tired of people minimizing the harassment she received online after the Jidion debacle.

For the last few days Pokimane, Ninja, and Jidion drama has been going on. It all started when Jidion apparently instigated his viewers to harass Pokimane in her chat. This soon escalated after Ninja, his wife, and many other streamers and internet personalities got involved.

At one point Jessica Blevins even threatened to take legal action against Pokimane. Ninja also told Pokimane, “You are making a big mistake”. So, the drama has progressed quite a bit and Pokimane is apparently getting harassed online by Jidion’s viewers as well as others.

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Recently Pokimane made a Twitter post saying that she is tired of all the people thinking that the harassment she received online was minor. The Tweet reads,

“i’m tired of people minimizing the harassment i’ve received over the last week to ‘just L+ratio spam'”.

She also made a list of all the things that have been happening to her for the past week or so. Some of these include harassing Pokimane’s viewers and making sexual comments about Pokimane.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.