PokerStars Terminates Contract with True Geordie Following Islamophobic Comments Against Andrew Tate

Online Poker Platform PokerStars has terminated its contracts with YouTuber True Geordie after he made some islamophobic comments.

Brian Davis, more commonly known online as True Geordie, is a UK-based YouTuber. His YouTube channel has more than 2 million subscribers. True Geordie usually makes content based on his True Geordie Podcast and reaction content with co-star Laurence McKenna.

Previously, True Georgie had multiple controversies regarding the KSI VS Logan Paul fight. He was the commentator and host for these fights. At that time, Logan Paul accused Georgie of being biased toward KSI. Back in 2019, a leak came out about Geordie sexting a woman via Instagram, which went viral. At that time, Geordie made a video titled True Geordie Respondsand the controversy died down.

Now, Geordie is involved in another controversy, and this time the beef is with Andrew Tate. During his November 7th stream, a fan asked Geordie if he will be fighting Andrew Tate. It was at this time when Geordie made the islamophobic comment about Andrew Tates’s now religion Islam.

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True Geordie Islamophobic Comments Controversy:

Geordie tried to make fun of Tate by saying “god is on his side” since conversion to Islam. He also said that Andrew Tate should “blow himself up” to prove his commitment to Islam.

Following this controversy, PokerStars terminated its contract with True Geordie. In a Twitter post, they said,

“We have terminated our contract with True Geordie with immediate effect. At PokerStars, we are committed to making poker as inclusive and accessible as possible, and do not tolerate any comments or attitudes that don’t align with our inclusive values.”

On November 8th, True Geordie returned to YouTube with a 20-minute-long apology video titled “I’m Sorry”. In the video, he discussed the incident and called his comment a “stupid joke”.

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