Pokémon Unite: Mamoswine Build

The newest addition to the Pokemon Unite characters is Mamoswine.

Pokemon Unite was released for Nintendo Switch first, and now it is available on mobile devices aswell. The Game initially had 21 different Pokemons, which you can choose to play within the Game. They have continued to add more Pokemons to their character list, and Mamoswine is the most recent one. So we have made a complete guide on the Mamoswine build in Pokemon Unite.

Mamoswine Build in Pokemon Unite

However, to build Mamoswine completely, you will have to unlock the character first. Mamoswine cost 8,000 Aeos or 460 Aeos gems. Furthermore, after you have unlocked the character, head over to the battle and hold items of Mamoswine. Mamoswine is a Defender Pokemon, and they are Pokemon’s who support the Attacker and All-Rounder Pokemons. We have added all the Held items and battle items you should use to make the best out of Mamoswine.

You should give Mamoswine the Buddy Barrier held item. When Mamoswine would use his Unite Move, Buddy Barrier will provide a shield of 20%/30%/40% (depending on the level of the item) of their maximum HP to Masmoswine and all Allies nearby. The second Held item you should give Mamoswine is the Focus Band. When Mamoswine’s HP is low, Focus Band will help Mamoswine recover 8%/11%/14% ( depending on the level of the item) of the lost HP every second for three seconds.

The third held item you should give Mamoswine is Muscle Band. Muscle Band will increase the damage output by 1%/2%/3%( depending on the level of the item) of the remaining HP of the opposing Pokemon when a Basic Attack hits. It would be best to choose Full Heal as your Battle Item since Mamoswine is a defender, so keeping him alive for a long time can be very useful. So giving him the Full Heal makes sense since it can remove all status effects and prevent them from happening for a short amount of time.

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