Pokemon Unite Guide: How To Upgrade Your Held Items

Upgrading Items could be your ace card to win games.

Pokemon Unite is already becoming one of the favourite MOBA games on Nintendo Switch. There are a lot of different strategies you can use in Pokemon Unite Battles. One of them is using the items in Pokemon Unite. Held items can be triumph cards in everyone’s deck in each match. So we have created a guide on upgrading your Held Items in Pokemon Unite.

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How to upgrade Pokemon Unite Held Items Guide:

Each Pokemon can hold up to 3 items in the game, which gives the Pokemon a permanent boost. This boost can exist in the form of healing, shield or any kind of stats boost. To obtain these items, you will have to complete challenges or buy them in the shop. Furthermore, you can upgrade these held items to give better stats boost during matches.

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However, to upgrade your held items, players will first have to cross-level 9. After your trainer is level 9, head into the battle prep menu and go into the loadouts of your Pokemon. You will see that an upgrade menu pops up when you choose held items. Although to upgrade each of these items, you will need Item Enhancers, and there are only specific ways you can get these.

To get item enhancers, you have to complete challenges. You can also get them if you have Battle Pass, and the last way is by buying them using Aeos Tickets. If you are short of Aeos Tickets, you can purchase Aeos Gems using micro Transactions and get your Item Enhancers. Players can upgrade these Battle Held Items to level 30, and the higher you go up in rank, the more essential levelling them up becomes.

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Item Enhancers are the only way you can upgrade your Held Items for now in Pokemon Unite. But without using real money it can be very tough to upgrade these as it will take you hours of grinding. It is not impossible to get them for free but it takes a lot of effort if you choose to not use real money.

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