How to Play Quick Battles in Pokémon Unite

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Pokemon Unite allows you to choose from its different battle modes. 

The latest addition to the Pokemon series is here for Nintendo Switch fans. The game is free to play for Switch users now and will be coming soon on mobile too. The game has four different modes you can choose from to play.

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These modes are Practice, Quick Battles, Standard matches, and Ranked Matches. We have put together this guide with the aim to help you play Quick Battles in Pokemon Unite.

Quick Battles Explained

Players will be able to access Quick Battles after they reach level eight in Pokemon Unite. Quick Battles are intense short battles as time is a significant factor in this mode.

There are three maps in which matches occur, Mer Stadium, Aurora Park, and Shivre City. Moreover, Aurora Park allows 3v3 battles, and the rest offer 4v4 battles.

The battles last 5 minutes which is shorter than the usual 10 minutes for Standard matches. As the time is short on these battles, they can be pretty hectic and intense.

In Quick Battles, you can recover and lose HP the same way you do in other competitions, but the EXP your Pokemon will gain gets a significant boost.

Once you are in a Quick battle, try maxing out EXP by battling wild Pokemon. Move along the sidelines as you move towards Goal Zone and battle wild Pokemon. After you are in the Goal Zones to deposit EXP, use yellow Sitrus Berries in all three lanes to gain HP.

Guard the Goal Zone to help your teammates while they deposit EXP. In fact, this method could be efficient, and you will not have to worry about bumping into opposing Pokemon on your way.

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