Pokemon Unite Guide: How to claim free Zeraora

The new free game for the Nintendo Switch is out.

The latest addition to Nintendo Switch’s free game library is finally here. Pokemon Unite was released for the Nintendo Switch yesterday. It is a strategic team battle cross-platform game that is free-to-play on mobile and Nintendo Switch. To boost its player base, Nintendo is giving away a free pokemon for all players who log in to the game before August 31. Below we have created a complete guide on how you claim or redeem your free Zeraora in Pokemon Unite.

How to redeem or claim Zeraora for free in Pokemon Unite Guide:

If you have just downloaded the game, you will have to create your avatar and finish the tutorials. Moreover, after you understand how the game works and its rules, you will now be able to access the main menu. Press X to see more options and click on Mail.

After you click on the Mail, you will see an unread mail called ‘Launch Bonus.’ Unite Licenses allow you to play with specific Pokemon in online matches. Click on the Mail to get your free Zeraora’s Unite license. Now all you have to do is to press A to redeem the license.

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Once you have redeemed Zeraora’s Unite License, you will be able to use this electric type Pokemon in Unite Battles. Zeroara is a melee speedster that is the best when used at a closed distance as it can do heavy damage in close range.

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