Pokemon Sword and Shield video game sold 1.36 million physical copies in Japan during its first three days on sale

In this day and age when everything is moving to the clouds and physical copies of video games are a thing of the past. Nintendo on the other hand are breaking records. During its first three days Pokemon Sword and Shield video game sold about 1.36 million physical copies in japan.

This was the biggest opening weekend for any Nintendo Switch title. It even surpassed the critically acclaimed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was the previous record-holder and it sold 1.23 million units during its opening week in Japan. Nintendo also claims that this launch also boosted their Switch hardware sales by a lot.

Nintendo said that they sold 10 millions unit recently. Switch is slowly becoming their most successful console of all time. Switch hardware also saw a rise in its popularity all over the world. Pokemon is such a huge brand and a system seller for Nintendo. After its release hardware sales of the console rose to a all time high all over the world. With its new hardware refresh Nintendo is looking really good for the foreseeable future.

Nintendo also released a Sword and Shield version of the console. Here is a sample of what it looks like:

Sword and Shield Switch
Sword and Shield

There are still some issues with the game and some refund controversy. But most of the player base seems to be enjoying the game.

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