Pokemon Sword and Shield video game leakers may face a lawsuit by The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company just lawyer up against the pokemon Sword and Shield leakers. They are willing to take it to the court. Lawyers say the leaks caused ‘irreparable injury’ to The Pokemon Company.

Recently lawyers claimed that leakers caused a lot of damage to pokemon Sword and Shield video games. They are arguing that leaks impacted user’s interest. The leaks were about what the finished game looked like. It might have made the game less marketable says the lawyers. Since crucial details were leaked before it could launch it might have made potential customers less interested in the product.

pokemon sword and shield

So far, the lawyers identified four Discord accounts that were involved in the leaking. The identities of those users are still unknown. The company also added that they will subpoena Discord and 4Chan if they don’t help them identify those users.

The leaks began in November. The leaks included how many pokemon will be available during launch. They also leaked which region will have what pokemon. These are the most important part of a pokemon game claims the lawyers.

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