Pokemon Snap outsold Returnal in the UK by 3:1

Nintendo’s exclusive Pokemon Snap has outsold PS5 exclusive Returnal in the UK.

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Today marks the 5th day of Returnal’s release on the PS5. Critics have hailed it as one of the best next-gen games as of yet. Although some fans would debate otherwise due to its no save option. Despite being one of the only next-gen games to run on 4k at 60 FPS with Ray tracing enabled, Pokemon Snap has outsold Returnal.

Despite the overwhelming hype on the PS5 exclusive, we all were rooting for it but the underdog has risen. Although, this difference rose due to the scarcity of PS5 in the UK. The amount of PS5 users are comparatively less in the UK due to Sony’s lack of supply and production of the PS5.

However, taking nothing away from Nintendo’s marketing team for outselling a PS5 exclusive. They have done a great job promoting their Eshop, and the numbers have shown it is working. Even though it’s a tough comparison, but Pokemon Snap has outsold Returnal in the top charts.

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Returnal is still one of the best games you can pick up right on if you own a PS5. Both games are unique, and if you are interested in any, you should go and pick them up while you can. Returnal is priced at 69.99, while Pokemon Snap costs 59.99$.

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