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Here is which Starter Pokemon you should go with.

With every new Pokemon game, the question of choosing the best among the three rises. Each new Pokemon game has a different set of starter Pokemons. These choices of choosing one Pokemon from the three bunch can be confusing. So we have made a complete guide below on which Starter Pokemon to go within Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Best Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Every region has its own set of Starter Pokemon consisting of three basic types: Water, Fire, and Grass. The three starter Pokemons in the Hisui region are Rowlet, Cyndaquil, and Oshawatt. In fact, not all of the starter Pokemons for the Hisui region are from the same Pokemon generation. Rowlett is from the seventh, Cyndaquil from the second, and Oshawott from the fifth. Below we have gone in-depth about the stats of each Pokemon:


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Rowlet can evolve two times, going from Rowlett to Dartrix and Decidueye. Rowlett has the highest base stat total in all of these starter Pokemon. Furthermore, choosing Rowlet can give you the edge at the beginning of the game, thanks to its base stats. He also evolves to its final form quicker than the other two starter Pokemon. You can check out the total stat Below:

  • Total Base Stat at Starting (Level 5): 320
  • Total Base Stat After First Evolution (Level 17): 420
  • Total Base Stat After Final Evolution (Level 34): 530
  • Rowlet Type: Grass Flying
  • Dartrix Type: Grass Flying
  • Decidueye Type: Grass and Fighting


Cyndaquil-pokemon-legends-arceus (1)
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Cydaquil is the quickest Pokemon to reach its first Evolution among all others, but it does get behind on Evolving into its Final form.

Even though it does not evolve first to its final form, Quilava’s first evolution form can be very useful in the middle stages. It’s also worth waiting for Quilava to evolve to Hisuian Typlosion, as the Evolution gives the Pokemon a huge stat boost.

  • Total Base Stat at Starting (Level 5): 309
  • Total Base Stat After First Evolution (Level 14): 405
  • Total Base Stat After Final Evolution (Level 36): 534
  • Cyndaquil Type: Fire
  • Quilava Type: Fire
  • Typhlosion Type: Fire and Ghost


oshawott-pokemon-legends-arceus (1)
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Water starting Pokemons always seem the best and safest options within a Pokemon game. A water type is the safest option as it has the least amount of weakness in the Pokemon world.

Oshawott can be helpful in the earlier part of the game as most of the Pokemon you will be rock type. Oshawatt evolves later than both Cyndaquil and Rowlet for both its evolutions and does have less base overall state after each Evolution compared to other starters Pokemon.

  • Total Base Stat at Starting (Level 5): 308
  • Total Base Stat After First Evolution (Level 17): 413
  • Total Base Stat After Final Evolution (Level 36): 528
  • Oshawott Type: Water
  • Dewott Type: Water
  • Samurott Type: Water and Dark

So what Pokemon Should you go with?

Each Pokemon has its pros and cons. Among the three starters we just saw, Oshawott seems to be the weakest. However, it has fewer weaknesses compared to all Pokemons. On the other hand, Cyndaquil becomes the fastest and most Powerful after its last Evolution. Finally, Rowlet and Oshawott offer an early game advantage. Having different Pokemon types in your Lineup can be the key to winning battles in Pokemon games.

So the Pokemon you want to choose as your starter Pokemon will depend on the type of Lineup you are looking for. Saying that among all of these Pokemon, Rowlett is the best since it offers the best overall stats for all evolutions and will give you an edge during the start of the game.

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