PlayStation’s Jim Ryan teased response to Game Pass

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has recently teased about a comptetition to Xbox Game Pass, and it’s coming soon.

Xbox Game Pass has brought in a revolution in how we play games. Especially for budget gamers. Playing 100+ games for a small monthly fee is always a great deal. On the other hand, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has stated in the past that Game Pass models are not “sustainable”

However, in a recent interview with TASS, Jim Ryan when referred to about Game Pass and its growing influence, have said that there is ‘news to come’. Of course, that could only mean that PlayStation will be getting a Game Pass equivalent subscription service.

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As of right now, anything close to a Game Pass like option on PlayStation is the PS Now which is actually very underrated. Furthermore, PS5 owners can get the PS+ collection. This offers a library of PS4 classics on Sony’s next-gen with PS+.

Even though Jim Ryan has also said in the past that they ‘believe in generations’ rather than cross-gen releases. It seems they have backtracked on this idea too. For instance, they said the PlayStation 4 will be supported till 2022. Hence, it is safe to say that this teased subscription service will also be extended to the now last-gen console.

It will be interesting to see what Jim Ryan’s teased response will actually look like. One thing for sure is that models like these always help out small and indie developers.

In the end, competition will be beneficial for the players.

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