PlayStation users can already preload the Apex Legacy update before the official launch

Apex Legends Legacy update is scheduled to be live very soon, but PlayStation owners can already preload the update.

Players in the PlayStation platform can get a headstart over every other platform as Respawn is now enabling the Sony platform users to download the whole update before the official launch. Even though PS players will be eligible to enter the game at the same time as others, not having to worry about massive update size can be a relief for many players with slow download speed.

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In previous seasons, it wasn’t necessary since players could still hop into a match while the game was being downloaded in the background, but that will no longer be the case in the upcoming Legacy update. According to Respawn, PlayStation players need to update to play uninterrupted on launch day.

How to preload the Legacy update for PlayStation

At first, PS users need to open up Apex Legends on their PS4 or PS5 consoles. Immediately players should be prompted for an update which should be around 30 GB in size. In case if you do not receive any updates, you can force an update by turning your console off and on again.

This should give players an option to pre-load the upcoming Apex Legends Legacy update. After preloading the update, players will be able to play as soon as the new season arrives. And they won’t have to wait like the other platforms such as PC, Xbox, and Switch.

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This can be a lifesaver for gamers with poor internet connection. Pre-load now to join the Legacy update upon release.

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