PlayStation Plus free games for May 2021

Sony announced the free PlayStation Plus games for May 2021. And the selection has been quite outstanding.

As the month of May comes closer. So does new ways to play, and Sony has been very generous these past few months. Unlike Xbox’s disappointing monthly Games with Gold. PlayStation Plus free games for the past few months have been pretty great.

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Likewise, PlayStation Plus free games for May 2021 offer great variety and some of the most popular titles. Such as Battlefield 5. Moreover, the games range from chaotic car destruction to surviving in isolation.

All the PlayStation Plus free games coming in May 2021 are:

  • Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last | PS5
  • Battlefield V | PS4
  • Stranded Deep | PS4

In Wreckfest, drive with your beefed cars as you fight against other tough racers to reach the finish line. Unlike conventional racing games, in Wreckfest there are no rules. Smash, burn, and crash through your opponents until there are none left except you. Wreckfest is only available for PlayStation 5.

Battlefield V takes players through the hellish warzones of World War II. Fight through huge landscapes for glory using all sorts of classic weapons, vehicles, and of course the signature Battlefield destruction.

Last but not least, Stranded Deep takes players away from all the noise, chaos, and explosion and to a more silent but eerie experience. After your plane crashlands into the oceans, use your survival skills to hunt, forage, craft resources as you hop from island to island trying to survive against mother nature.

All the PlayStation Plus games for May 2021 will be downloadable from May 4th to May 31st. Meanwhile, last month’s free games will end on May 3rd. So if you haven’t taken them yet, you still have time.

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