PlayStation owners are complaining about the free PS Plus games for December 2019

Playstation PS plus owners are not happy with the free games of December. They are accusing Sony of feeding them ads instead of good titles.

Every month Sony’s PS plus owners get some free games. Usually, Sony gives its players base some good free titles to enjoy. This makes the PS plus membership a more lucrative deal. This month they gave away Titanfall 2. This was the most underrated game of 2016. This one was sure a treat.

On the other hand, they gave Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame. Boy the PS Plus owners were not happy. They disliked this game cause it wasn’t good. This game felt more like an “ad” than a video game.

Some players are also complaining about Titanfall 2. They are upset because the game was discounted quite heavily in recent times. So adding this particular game doesn’t add that much from a value perspective.

Free games on PS Plus:

PS Plus free games

Also back in May gamers were unhappy with the lineup of free games. They disliked the value composition it was bringing.

The PS5 is set to release in the holidays 2020. Fans are giddy with excitement. Here is a look at that:

PS5 devkit

The next-gen console will be a powerhouse. No doubt about that. They need to deliver more value and a better model for their customers.

Sony really needs to change their mindset in bringing more value to the gamers. PS Plus owners deserve more value for their bucks. Their competition Xbox game pass is in a way better condition. WIth Xcloud on the way, Sony will face a lot of competition in the near future.



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