PlayStation expanding to mobile gaming as new job listing suggest

PlayStation has posted a job listing looking for a Head of Mobile. As they plan to expand to mobile gaming.

PlayStation has always been at the forefront of console gaming with some of the most popular, innovative titles in their hands. Hence, they have managed to build classic franchises like Last of Us, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, God of War, and much more. But as gaming gets bigger, so does demand. As a result, we have seen many PlayStation exclusives releasing on other platforms.

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As such mobile gaming is also one of the biggest and fastest-growing communities ever. Consequently, Sony is looking to tap into this sector with PlayStation. As PlayStation is seemingly expanding to mobile gaming. Suggested by their new job listing.

The Head of Mobile will be responsible for the mobile games that are already in development. Furthermore, they will plan development goals for mobile gaming for the next 3-5 years. As this is only a job listing, no official details about the games aren’t included. But what is mentioned is that the existing first-party properties will be used as PlayStation taps into mobile gaming.

PlayStation undoubtedly has some of the most loved icons in gaming. They have first-party titles for various genres. Therefore, they have the potential to make wonderful mobile games. From hardcore to casual. If done right without exceptionally greedy tactics.

Lastly, PlayStation’s shot at mobile gaming will surely see some controversy. A lot of PlayStation fans and PC/Console gamers dislike mobile gaming in general and sees it as a lesser act. On the plus side, we can see the more unused franchises coming back, such as Twisted Metal, Sly Cooper, Jak, and Daxter. The last time Sony was in the handheld market was with PS Vita and PSP, both of which went underrated for their lifetime.

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