Playstation exclusive Days Gone is coming to PC

Another playstaion exclusive is joining the PC master race.

Sony has always been known for its console exclusives making new sale records. As we get used to the New Gen consoles, Sony is bringing more exclusives to PC. Bend Studios’s Twitter account confirmed that Days Gone is coming to PC in spring.

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After the recent PC port for Horizon Zero Dawn, it seems Sony is making a move in the PC market. Microsoft already has its exclusives on PC, thanks to Gamepass. However, now it seems Sony wants to enter the biggest gamer market. Last year Jim Ryan quoted about Horizon Zero Dawn’s “straightforward success” because “people liked it and they bought it.”

It could be a sign that Playstation may be bringing more exclusives to PC soon. Now getting back to the topic at hand, Days Gone is a zombie survival game. It offers what every other zombie survival game does, guns and zombies mixed with a dramatic storyline.

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Sony did not ever reveal how many copies of Horizon Zero Dawn they sold on PC. Although seeing how they are releasing more games for PC, they probably did do great. Days Gone is not is one of the best exclusives Playstation has, but if they bring something like God of War, Microsoft’s market may be in trouble.