Players from Overwatch League S1, where are they now?

So much has changed over the years

Overwatch league started back on November 4, 2016, and Since then a lot of pro players left their original teams. So, where are these players now well glad you asked.

Overwatch League Season 1 was a first in the professional Overwatch scene, the first franchised league in the game’s history, the first tournament that would have teams from the different regions of China, Korea, North America, and Europe squaring off against each other on a consistent basis. As the league went on, as more teams joined the franchise, new up and rising players joined this premier competition, while players from the original season of OWL slowly disappeared. Held from the 6th of December 2017 to the 7th of July 2018, these are the teams and players from the inaugural season of OWL. (These player rosters are from the start of Season 1.)

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12) Shanghai Dragons

One of the first 7 OWL teams announced, Shanghai Dragons was formed from the core of LGD gaming (including their coach), a top Chinese team that had just finished 4th in the Overwatch Premier Series 2017. To complete the team were players from the likes of other top Chinese teams, like Team CC, FTD Club, and Vici Gaming. With the team being 100% Chinese, no one expected to do very well, with the Chinese region not really well known back then. However, no one expected them to do as bad as they did, going 0-40 and finishing dead last at the end of Season 1.

Roshan (Main Tank) – Light Gaming (present)

MG (Off Tank) – Big Time Regal Gaming, LGD Gaming, Flag Gaming, Guangzhou Academy, Cyclone Coupling

Diya (DPS) – Two-way Contract with Shanghai Dragons and Team CC

Undead (DPS) – Lin-Gan Esports, Ambitious Immortals (Coach), Never Lose Weight (Coach)

Fiveking (Main Support) – Team CC (Changed name to SIO)

Freefeel (Flex Support) – Young Kaiser Gaming Red, Restart, Alter-Ego, Light Gaming (present, changed the name to B612)

Xushu (Flex Support) – Legend Young Beyond, Laboratory, Moved to Apex Legends

Sky (Flex Support) – Played in OWWC 2018 with Tea China before taking a break

Altering (Main Support) – Bilibili Gaming (Coach, present)

11) Florida Mayhem

Florida Mayhem was also one of the first OWL teams announced and owned by the gaming organization Misfits, it was no surprise that they picked up their 6-man EU roster that had just taken part in EU Contenders Season 1. Despite being clear favorites and often deemed as the top team in Europe, Misfits had slipped up and lost 3-2 to Team Gigantti in the EU Contenders Season 1 finals, finishing 2nd. Florida Mayhem was infamous for being the only team with only 6 players and though these were top players, they were not too high on the power rankings. In time, they finally picked up other players after a disappointing Stage 1 but they still finished 11th place in OWL S1.

CWoosH (Main Tank) – Team Gigantti (Coach), Eternal Academy (Coach)

Manneten (Flex Tank) – Mayhem Academy, Revival (Retired)

Tviq (DPS) – Revival

Logix (DPS) – XL 2, Montreal Rebellion, Toronto Defiant (present)

Zebbosai (Main Support) – Retired

Zuppeh (Flex Support) – Team Gigantti, NYYRIKKI Esports (present)

10) Dallas Fuel

Dallas Fuel had to have been the team with the biggest fanbase coming into Season 1. Owned by Team Envy, Dallas Fuel not only had players who proved their caliber in the recently concluded NA Contenders Season 1, where they absolutely destroyed Faze Clan 4-0 in the finals but also contained big-named players/streamers who brought a lot of publicity to the team. Team Envy had been no doubt the best team in the whole of North America for a long time and with a team with their reputation came high expectations. However, their Season 1 was a massive disappointment, finishing in the bottom 3 overall.

Cocco (Main Tank) – Dallas Fuel, Dallas Fuel (Coach), Retired?

xQc (Main Tank) – Retired

Mickie (Offtank) – Dallas Fuel, Team Envy (Streamer, present)

Seagull (Flex/DPS) – Dallas Fuel, Retired

Effect (DPS) – Dallas Fuel (Streamer), Streamer (present)

Taimou (DPS) – Team Envy (present)

HarryHook (Main Support) – Dallas Fuel (present)

Chipshajen (Flex Support) – Dallas Fuel (released)

Custa (Flex Support) – Los Angeles Valiant, Transition to Analyst (present)

9) San Francisco Shock

San Francisco Shock, owned by NRG gaming, was a team full of youngsters coming into Season 1 of OWL, with two of their players Sinatraa and Super not even being able to compete at the start of the season due to not being 18 yet. The team was mostly filled with NA players and the coaching staff from Selfless Gaming. Season 1 was not amazing for SF Shock, with their highest place finish in a stage only 5th in Stage 3, finishing at an overall 9th place.

Nomy (Main Tank) – GOATS, First Generation, Second Generation, Montreal Rebellion, Square One (Coach, present)

Super (Main Tank) – SF Shock (present)

Nevix (Off Tank) – Toronto Defiant (present)

sinatraa (DPS) – SF Shock (present)

Danteh (DPS) – Houston Outlaws (present)

babybay (DPS) – Atlanta Reign (present)

iddqd (DPS) – Retired

dhaK (Main Support) – Retired?

Sleepy (Flex Support) – Washington Justice

8) Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty was another team coming into OWL Season 1 with a huge fanbase. Owned by KSV eSports, Seoul Dynasty had picked up the core of the Lunatic-Hai lineup which had been dubbed as the best Overwatch team not only in Korea but the world. The two-time winner of the premier competition in Korea, APEX in Season 2 and 3, Lunatic-Hai had a point to prove coming into S1 after getting knocked out in the latest APEX Season, Season 4 by newcomers GC Busan. After a few pick-ups, Seoul Dynasty was definitely one of the fan favorites and considering their legacy in Overwatch, it was no surprise. What seemed like a choke in Stage 1 when they failed to qualify for playoffs eventually became recurring, causing Seoul to finish 8th place in the league overall, without a single playoff qualification spot.

Miro (Main Tank) – Gen.G (streamer, present)

Kuki (Main Tank) – LA Valiant, Runaway (Coach), Florida Mayhem (Coach, present)

Zunba (Off Tank) – Seoul Dynasty

xepheR (Off Tank) – Florida Mayhem

Munchkin (DPS) – Boston Uprising (present)

Wekeed (DPS) – MVP Space, Gen.G esports (present)Fleta (DPS) – Shanghai Dragons

Bunny (DPS) – LA Valiant, Team CC

Fleta (DPS) – Shanghai Dragons (present)

Tobi (Main Support) – Seoul Dynasty (present)

Ryujehong (Flex Support) – Vancouver Titans (present)

Gido (Flex Support) – Washington Justice

7) Houston Outlaws

Houston Outlaws, owned by Optic Gaming, was another NA team coming into OWL Season 1. With the addition of a few EU players, the team was made from the core of FNRGFE, an NA contenders team started by ex-Fnatic, NRG and Gale-Force esports players. After a fast start to Stage 1 and clinching 3rd place, Houston was unable to replicate their initial success in the next stages, finishing 7th place.

Muma (Main Tank) – Houston Outlaws (present)

Coolmatt (Off Tank) – Houston Outlaws (Coach, present)

SPREE (Off Tank) – Houston Outlaws (present)

Clockwork (DPS) – Houston Outlaws (Coach, present)

Jake (DPS) – Retired, Caster (present)

LiNKzr (DPS) – Houston Outlaws (present)

Mendokusaii (DPS) – Houston Outlaws (streamer), APEX Legends player for Team Liquid

Boink (Main Support) – Houston Outlaws (present)

Bani (Flex Support) – Washington Justice (Coach, present)

Rawkus (Flex Support) – Houston Outlaws (present)

6) Philadelphia Fusion

Owned by Comcast Spectacor, Philadelphia Fusion was the ultimate “Frankenstein” project, with its original team boasting players from 9 different nationalities. They were also one of the biggest teams in OWL, with a number of 12 players at the start of the season. After an impressive showing in Stage 2, finishing runners-up in the stage playoffs, they started to fall off and eventually finished 6th place.

Fragi (Main Tank) – Guangzhou Charge

Sado (Main Tank) – Philadelphia Fusion (present)

Poko (Off Tank) – Philadelphia Fusion (present)

HOTBA (Off Tank) – Guangzhou Charge, NYXL (present)

Carpe (DPS) – Philadelphia Fusion (present)

EQO (DPS) – Philadelphia Fusion (present)

ShaDowBurn (DPS) – Paris Eternal

Snillo (DPS) – Fusion University

Snillo (DPS) – Fusion University and Philadelphia Fusion (Two-way Contract)

Dayfly (Main Support) – Retired

Joemeister (Main Support) – HU Storm (Coach, present)

neptuNo (Main Support) – Guangzhou Charge (present)

Boombox (Flex Support) – Philadelphia Fusion (present)

5) London Spitfire

London Spitfire, owned by Cloud 9, had picked up the two of the biggest teams in Korea coming into Season 1 in GC Busan and Kongdoo Panthera. Kongdoo Panthera had finished 2nd in APEX Season 3 and was picked up by C9 in the midst of Season 4, forming C9 Kongdoo. After GC Busan knocked out Kongdoo Panthera and went on to win APEX Season 4, C9 made the decision to pick them up as well, eventually forming the all-Korean London Spitfire. London Spitifre had a good start to OWL finishing Top 3 two times but failed to break the playoffs in Stage 3 and 4. They still managed to barely qualify for the Season Playoffs at 5th place and managed to make it all the way to the final with Philadelphia Fusion, eventually winning them 2-0 as well as the championship of the inaugural OWL season.

Fissure (Main Tank) – LAG, Seoul Dynasty, Retired but came out of retirement to join Vancouver Titans (present)

Gesture (Main Tank) – Seoul Dynasty (present)

WOOHYAL (Off Tank) – XL2 Academy, Gen.G esports (present)

Fury (Off Tank) – Philadelphia Fusion (present)

Birding (DPS) – LAG (present)

Rascal (DPS) – Dallas Fuel, NRG esports, SF Shock (present)

Hooreg (DPS) – Runaway, Vancouver Titans, Houston Outlaws (coach, present)

Profit (DPS) – Seoul Dynasty (present)

NUS (Main Support) – London Spitfire

Closer (Main Support) – Dallas Fuel (present)

HaGoPeun (Flex Support) – Mayhem Academy, Florida MayhemBdosin (Flex Support) – Seoul Dynasty (present)

4) Los Angeles Gladiators

Los Angeles Gladiators was definitely one of the more interesting rosters in Season 1. A so-called “Frankenstein” roster, LAG consisted of players from the NA, EU and even KR regions and thus, people were excited to see how this roster would play out. LAG had a slow start in the first 2 stages, finishing 8th and 5th but started to pick up the pace after acquiring new players, eventually topping the league in Stage 4. This boosted their rankings to a 4th spot in the overall standings.

iRemiix (Main Tank) – Meta Skyfoxes, Phase 2, Revival (LFT)

Bischu (Off Tank) – Guangzhou Charge, LAG (present)

Surefour (DPS) – Toronto Defiant (present)

Hydration (DPS) – Houston Outlaws (present)

Asher (DPS) – Toronto Defiant (Retired)

Biggoose (Main Support) – LAG (present)

Shaz (Flex Support) – LAG (present)

3) Boston Uprising

With a bunch of seemingly “no-name” players, Boston Uprising, owned by Kraft Group, had to be one of the least hyped rosters coming into Season 1, with many journalists and writers ranking them near the bottom of the power rankings. What made this roster Introduction worse was its official roster reveal video, which seemed to have been made exclusively in MS paint. Despite this, Boston pulled off a massive underdog story albeit a slow start, being the first team to achieve a perfect 10-0 record in Stage 3, and finishing 3th in the overall standings.

Gamsu (Main Tank) – Shanghai Dragons, Dallas Fuel (present)

NotE (Off Tank) – Dallas Fuel (present)

Kalios (Off Tank) – Skyfoxes, Team Griffin, Third Impact, O2 Blast (present)

DreamKazper (DPS) – Banned

Mistakes (DPS) – Retired but came out of retirement to play for Montreal Rebellion, xterra (present)

Striker (DPS) – San Francisco Shock (present)

Kellex (Main Support) – Toronto Defiant (present)

Avast (Main Support) – Caster (present)

Snow (Flex Support?) – Skyfoxes, Retired (present)

Neko (Flex Support) – Toronto Defiant, O2 Blast (present)

2) Los Angeles Valiant

Los Angeles Valiant, owned by Immortals, picked up their existing Overwatch line-up who had though won NA Contenders Season 0, struggled in Season 1 and ended up 6th. In addition to the Immortals line-up, LAV also picked up french duo SoOn and unKoe after their former team, Rogue unexpectedly disbanded. LAV had a slow start but after a few roster changes, picked it up by Stage 3 and 4, finishing 3rd and 2nd respectively in the rankings and though disappointing in the season playoffs, they finished 2nd overall in the league standings.

Fate (Main Tank) – Florida Mayhem (present)

numlocked (Main Tank) – British Hurricane, Team Envy, NYYRIKKI Esports (present)

Envy (Off Tank) – Meta Bellum, Toronto Defiant, Shanghai Dragons (Retired)

SPACE (Off Tank) – LAG (present)

GrimReality (DPS) – LAV (Coach), Retired

Agilities (DPS) – Toronto Defiant (present)

Silkthread (DPS) – LAG (Retired)

SoOn (DPS) – Paris Eternal (present)

Verbo (Main Support) – Skyfoxes, Skyfoxes (Manager)

Kariv (Flex Support/DPS/Main Support) – Toronto Defiant (present)

uNKOE (Flex Support/Main Support) – Dallas Fuel (present)

1) New York Excelsior

Last but definitely not least, New York Excelsior was a team owned by Jeff Wilpon, COO of the baseball team New York Mets. NYXL came into OWL Season 1 with the core of LW Blue, a prominent Korean team that had done well in the APEX seasons, getting 3rd and 5th-6th in Seasons 2 and 3. Although they were well rated in the power rankings, no one expected the amount of dominance NYXL showed throughout the whole season, winning 2 stage playoffs and eventually finishing 1st with a 34-6 record. Despite this, they were unable to win the season playoffs and lost to Philadelphia Fusion in the Semi-Finals.

Janus (Main Tank) – Washington Justice

Mano (Main Tank) – NYXL (present)

Mek0 (Off Tank) – Houston Outlaws (present)

Pine (DPS) – NYXL (streamer, present)

Saebyeolbe (DPS) – NYXL (present)

Libero (DPS) – NYXL (present)

Ark (Main Support) – Washington Justice (present)

JJonak (Flex Support) – NYXL (present)

Players who have remained on the same team since OWL S1: Harryhook (Dallas Fuel), super (SF Shock), sinatraa (SF Shock), Tobi (Seoul Dynasty), Muma (Houston Outlaws), SPREE (Houston Outlaws), linkzr (Houston Outlaws), Boink (Houston Outlaws), Rawkus (Houston Outlaws), Fragi (Philadelphia Fusion), Poko (Philadelphia Fusion), EQO (Philadelphia Fusion), Carpe (Philadelphia Fusion), Boombox (Philadelphia Fusion), Biggoose (LAG), Shaz (LAG), Mano (NYXL), Saebyeolbe (NYXL), Libero (NYXL), Jjonak (NYXL)

Teams with totally different rosters from OWL S1: Shanghai Dragons, Florida Mayhem, London Spitfire, Boston Uprising, LA Valiant. Shoutout to Reddit user: qorkjnxdk for gathering all the necessary data for this article.

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