Players found out a major hitbox issue in VALORANT

VALORANT's hitboxes are totally broken right now

VALORANT players figured out a huge hotbox issue that is prevalent in the game right now.

If you ever felt like you were getting one tapped a bit much in VALORANT then it looks like you are not alone. Reddit user Snapcut505 just figured out why you are getting one tapped a little bit too much. The main reason why players in VALORANT are currently facing this issue is that the hitboxes in VALORANT are just “MASSIVE“.

This video above clearly showcases that shoulder hits are being counted as headshots. Which in turn allows players to one tap you right in the head. In a tactical FPS game, character hitboxes play a major role. Since the TTK(time to kill) in a tactical FPS game is already really short, having such a huge hitbox especially around the shoulder area that it counts as headshot can be game-breaking.

Hitboxes are kind of broken

Gunplay is a major focus in VALORANT. Holding down corners as well as pushing corners is a major part of the tactical shooter experience. With hitboxes surrounding the head area being too big, it makes it easy for players to full sprint around corners to one-tap other players in the head. For the competitive health of the game, this isn’t a good sign.

After all the game is still in its closed beta right now. With more feedback from the community, Devs at Riot Games should soon address the hitbox issues that are currently plaguing the game.

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