Players are reporting the presence of a massive wave of cheaters in VALORANT

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

Recently, VALORANT players have been actively complaining about the repeated appearance of cheaters in ranked matches.   

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VALORANT players are taking over Twitter & Reddit by storm as cheaters are worsening the matchmaking experience for everyone. Competitive titles are usually the prime targets for cheat manufacturers & their customers, and as expected, VALORANT isn’t safe from their grasp either. Vanguard is basically VALORANT’s firewall against such threats.

Due to a large number of blatant cheaters roaming around in match servers, the efficiency of VALORANT’s cheat-detection procedure is now in question. The recent barrage of complaints on Twitter alone shows that players are beginning to lose reliance on any anti-cheat measurements taken by Riot. Moreover, professionals are also addressing the problem.

According to the VALORANT community on Reddit, cheaters are mostly present in high ranked matches. The definition of a high-rank may fluctuate, but anything above Immortal is generally accepted as a starting point. Redditor zynethh‘s post provides a little insight into the current scenario.

Players who are witnessing similar anomalies also hopped into the thread to yield their opinions. It’s important to recognize that all cheating complaints might not be valid. However, the lack of decisive action from Riot is definitely allowing the cheaters to bypass anti-cheat measurements with ease. Vanguard showed promising features during the beta stage, but the players are yet to observe any adequate effect of such an “advanced” application.

Previously, during early October, Ninja shared his experience with the game. He stated, “Valorant currently unplayable. nothing but DC’s in Ranked and Customs, not to mention cheaters in high elo matches constantly. Sova silent ULT glitch, Cypher ult breaks ur ear drums. Really hoping for some hot fixes ASAP”. Sadly in an obvious fashion, the on-going scenario resembles what Ninja said more than 2 months ago.

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To fight against such disorder, the VALORANT community has been suggesting productive concepts to the developers, and some of these ideas have actual potentials too. Nonetheless, Riot is yet to comment on anything about this recent wave of cheating cases & allegations.

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