Players are not happy as Fall Guys is already flooded with hackers

Fall Guys has already been targeted by hackers/cheaters as there are hackers in almost every other match.

Inspired by popular game shows such as Takeshi’s Castle and Wipeout, Mediatonic released the full game on August 4. Players were hyped about Fall Guys since it was in beta and after full release the unique battle royal game attracted thousands of players.

Fall Guys had over 1.5 million players in just 24h and became the top 5 most played games on Steam with over 100k concurrent players. Being played by some of the big streamers like xQc, Lirik, and others Fall Guys also blew up on Twitch as well.

With so many players coming in, it also lured some significant amount of players who prefer to cheat in order to gain some competitive advantages by ruining other players’ experience.

On Reddit, Fall Guys’ subreddit is already flooded with players’ complaints about cheaters/hackers in-game.

Most of the time these hackers in Fall Guys will have some sort of speed hack that gives them unfair movement speed advantages over other players. They will also have some weird running patterns and a lot of players are describing them as if they are being pulled around by a string than actually running.

One player showed his frustration by saying, “how sad must a person be to, not only hack games generally but hack a game like this?” Other players are also fed up with so many hackers in-game.

Many streamers have also encountered cheaters on their stream. Twitch streamer BladeLMAO recorded a hilarious clip where the hacker just straight up used speed hack and completed the task way before everyone barely moved. Streamer ConnorEatsPants also encountered a hacker in the Tail Tag minigame, but this time he absolutely outsmarted the cheater to grab his win at the very end.

Mediatonic however is aware of all these hackers in-game. Replying to one of Reddit post Fall Guys’ Lead Game Designer Joe said, “We have anti-cheat measures but we’re still tuning them as we get more data from launch!”

Although there is still no report option in-game, on Fall Guys’ subreddit mods have opened up a report post where players can complain about hackers. But for now, the best way to report hackers is by reporting them directly via the Fall Guys Discord server.

And if the hackers continue ruining players’ experience, it is very likely that Mediatonic will add a dedicated report option in-game very soon.

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