Players are asking Riot to add an honor system in VALORANT just like League of Legends

Honor system would be a great addition in VALORANT

In League of Legends, there is an honor system in place where you can easily reward your non-toxic random teammates.

Right now players are asking Riot to add this honor system in their tactical 5v5 FPS game VALORANT. Just recently with their new patch, Riot finally enabled ranked mode in VALORANT. Sadly it didn’t take too long for players to flood Riot’s social media accounts with complaints regarding the overwhelming amount of toxicity that players are facing right now.

VALORANT honor system
Image via Riot Games

The situation is really bad as players can see your rank in the middle of a ranked match. This, unfortunately, lead to some unnecessary name-calling and belittling of players with a low rank. Consequently, players were asking Riot to hide their rank during the games.

VALORANT fan creates an honor system concept

VALORANT honor system concept
Image via u/CorporalFaffyWaffle

There is already a system in League that rewards players who follow the rules and is generally really helpful towards their teammates. While there are a lot of toxic people online, we all should reward positive people with some kind of recognition. Furthermore, the inclusion of such a ranking system would incite players to be more helpful towards each other.

Riot is already taking serious steps to deal with the overwhelming amount of toxicity that is really prevalent in their games. Recently VALORANT’s executive producer Anna Donlon even made a commitment to work towards a more inclusive and less toxic community.

Just policing alone is not a valid strategy to combat online toxicity. Sometimes positive reinforcement is all you need to make a less toxic community. Some players in the VALORANT community claims that they don’t really care about the toxic people in their games. They just want to honor the non-toxic teammates which in return should make the community a much better place.


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