Players are asking Riot to add a shorter unrated mode in VALORANT

VALORANT Players are looking for a shorter unrated mode that may enhance the casual gaming experience.

The current unrated mode usually takes 40-50 minutes to play which is almost the same as the competitive games in time scale. Having changes in competitive rank is the only major difference between these two game modes.

Usually, people play unrated mode when they want to play VALORANT more casually. But wasting 40-50 minutes in a casual-type game mode is not worth it for many. That’s why a lot of players have been asking for a shorter unrated mode in VALORANT.

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Players have discussed a lot of ways to modify the current unrated mode to make it shorter with some basic changes. Having fewer rounds is one of the most briefed changes in the discussion. The first team to win 8 rounds will win the game when the side swap will be on the 6th round. Again, there can be changes in the economical balances with more creds after every round.

Spike Rush and Escalation are the shortest team-based mode in this game. These modes do not give the actual team-based tactical experience. But players are forced to play these modes when they have a short amount of time in their hands. However, it will enhance the casual gaming experience if Riot introduces a shorter unrated mode.

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Toxicity, offensive behavior, and not playing seriously are again another issue in the currents unrated mode. We usually see a less serious pattern of gameplay in the unrated mode which causes many players to tolerate this kind of toxic teammates for a longer time period. But if Riot implements a shorter unrated mode, players will have to tolerate less.

Some of the players are also talking about getting a retake server just like CS:GO. Usually, it is 4 to 5 attackers or defenders focused on either retaking a single designated site or executing onto it. They can practice site execution and also retaking by having this mode.

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