Players are asking for a “Surrender” Option due to the increasing number of leavers in VALORANT

By the time VALORANT player count is increasing each day, the numbers of leavers or in other words AFKers are also increasing, as a result, many players are asking for Surrender Option in-game.

VALORANT is a 5v5 tactical shooter from the developer Riot Games. The game really fires on all cylinders when all the players are in-game and playing to the best of their abilities. Recently as Riot Games has decided to give away more beta keys, the player count has increased and so has the number of AFKers who simply quit the game as soon as things get a little out of hand.

A lot of players have already issued on the VALORANT subreddit that they are encountering leavers or AFKers way too often. And in a competitive shooter like VALORANT if you are already down by a player or two it is quite hard to recover in that match.

There are many reasons why some players are simply leaving the game. Some players reported that they are facing some errors in the Vanguard anti-cheat or some other technical problem which is preventing them from joining that game. And others reported, those players are simply leaving after raging on their teammates.

As a result, many VALORANT players are asking the devs to add a Surrender Option similar to their other title League of Legends. In League of Legends, you can surrender a game in 15min if the majority of the team vote yes in surrender option. VALORANT players are also demanding something similar in-game, where one team can vote for surrender after completing X-number of rounds.

Competitive FPS games are not over until they are actually over, you can come back even if you are down on like 12-1. But having a leaver or AFKer on the team is a different issue and Surrender Option is pretty much necessary in that situation.

Riot Games has been listening to their fans and adapting the game based on their feedback. When the community asked for Raze nerf they gave them the nerf when they are asking for ranked in close beta Riot Games is also working on it. And at this time we can pretty much tell that Riot Games will also listen to this problem and add a Surrender Option very soon.


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