PlatinumGames started a Kickstarter campaign hinting at a new game

The Wonderful 101 might become a reality for Switch

PlatinumGames recently opened a new Kickstarter page that has everyone speculating a new title. Rumors indicate this campaign might be for The Wonderful 101.

Rumor has it that PlatinumGames have recently made a big deal with Chinese giant Tencent on some undisclosed game. Knowing Tencent’s portfolio the rumored title will have huge backing behind them. Even after securing the rumored Tencent deal PlatinumGames has recently opened up a Kickstarter page indicating another title.

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New Kickstarter Page

All this indicates a new game that will need funding even after that deal. The reason behind everyone thinks the rumored game to be The Wonderful 101 is because of a recent tweet by PlatinumGames.

Is Hideki Kamiya teasing The Wonderful 101?

After this image was live tweeter erupted with speculation as they are saying that Hideki Kamiya is definitely teasing The Wonderful 101. As time went people began to tweet about how this all makes sense for PlatinumGames to start the Kickstarter for this game.

Since then the rumor mills kind of peaked as Nintendo Switch owners are rallying behind their belief. Nintendo fans are certain this Kickstarter to be for The Wonderful 101.

The Wonderful 101 is an action-adventure game developed in house with PlatinumGames. This game was the brainchild of Hideki Kamiya so it was only logical for fans to think that Hideki Kamiya is teasing 101.

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The game was a critical hit like other Hideki Kamiya games. But the game didn’t perform financially as well as PlatinumGames wanted. Fans of Nintendo Switch are waiting with excitement for confirmation from Hideki Kamiya on this title.


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